Bike Furniture Design


Below are pics of a moto bar-height stool specified with a swivel and back rest, and without armrests. Other configurations are possible.
These pics of the Moto barstool prototype are presented to show the basic configuration of the stool.
Please note that the piece is highly customizable, and that each component (backrest, cushion, handlebar legs, handlebar risers, grips, light) can be specified with a wide variety of choices. This piece is put together with components on hand, and the manner and hardware in which pieces are assembled is not finished.
The foot ring shown here is made from material on hand. The final foot ring will be tubular steel similar to the handlebar base.
Any of the components can be specified with a powder coated color finish in addition to chrome.
The proportion of this piece (height, cushion size) are not the final proportions.
The light (which is functional) can be removed if preferred.
A Google image search for sissy bar, and for sissy bar pad will yield a wide variety of possibilities.
The upholstery for the cushion can be more elaborate than the cushions shown here.
The pics of the chair at the bottom of the page are there to show the working light, and to show another configuration that could be used if arms are specified.