Bike Furniture Design



The Vector Lounge Chair (LCV) frame is constructed of aluminum bicycle rims. This chair is available with custom padded vinyl cushions in a choice of colors.
The rims that serve as arm rests on this chair can be fitted with your favorite mountain bike tires or with inner-tubes only. They can also be fitted with a simple pad.
This chair is suitable for outdoor use.  Prices start at $550

The Vector Lounge Chair is also available in chromed steel, and with inner-tube upholstery in addition to padded cushions.  It is not well suited to outdoor environments (especially with inner-tube upholstery), but is still mighty comfy and stylish.

We can make the LCV with seat belt (or other) webbing.  Also suitable for outdoor use.

A summertime moonrise over a Lake Superior beach is a nice spot.  This pair of Vector Lounge Chairs have held up well on this Lake Superior beach where they have spent most of the last 9 years outside.