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Assembly instructions for Model SA-4 Lounge Chair.

UPS Tracking number: 1Z43W4024228672024

Simple assembly is required. 

You will need metric hex wrenches: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm

Maybe a screwdriver to pry one of the stems slightly to aid in fitting it over the shim.


Take care not to damage the upholstered chair cushions when removing packaging material.


1. Assemble the two pieces labeled with A (on the blue tape)

Orient the pieces so that the labels are on the same side, and align them so the chrome L-shaped bar is perpendicular to the chrome handlebars on the base. 

Tighten with a 5mm hex wrench.

See photo below.




2. Align the handlebars on the L-shaped bar so the marks on the tape line up. Tighten with a 6mm hex wrench. See photo below.





3. Remove the hand grip on the top of the L-shape bar. Slide the part labeled B onto the L-shaped bar. You will need to get it to slide over the shim. See photo below. Tighten with a 5mm hex wrench. Replace the rubber grip back onto the L-shaped bar.





The seat and back cushions are tightened already. I have them angled how I thought would be most comfortable, but they can be adjusted with a 4mm hex wrench. The back cushion is slightly loose so that can be adjusted without tools if you want.


Remove the tape. Have a seat! I hope you like it.


If you have any questions or run into trouble, please do not hesitate to contact me via email or phone.


Andy Gregg

Bike Furniture Design