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S-2 Cafe Table - Assembly Instructions

•Tools needed: 11mm or 7/16” wrench, 5/32” hex wrench

•After removing the table base, and top rim from the packing, unfold the base and place on the ground with the tabs containing the bolts and nuts that are at one end of the base facing up.

•Remove the bolts and nuts, from the tabs, and set aside, making note of the direction that the bolts go through the tabs.

•Remove the inner-tube from the top rim.

•Align the blue tape next to the bolt hole on the top rim with the corresponding blue tape on the base.

•Insert the bolts through the tabs and into the rim, and assemble the bolts. Tighten with 1/8” hex key.

•Remove the blue tape.

•Replace the inner-tube on the top rim (optional).

•Place the table glass on the top of the table.

•The table has threaded adjustable feet that can be turned to level the table if it rocks.

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